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Reliable Dental Lab provides custom abutments in one-piece titanium and zirconia, with a Ti-base connection, both cement and screw retained.  We use the abutment design software by Dental Wings and have painstakingly developed our library with a top-down approach to first design the full contour and then design our abutments within the space created. All of our abutments are designed to optimize a natural prepped tooth structure.


With every custom abutment we incorporate the following emergence profile design elements:

•Moving the crown’s emergence close to the natural tooth to achieve the best interproximal contact. 

This design insures that we regain the interdental papilla.

Setting the ideal margins to help create crown emergence. With the margin heights, ideal cement retrieval is optimized. 

•Designing the ideal circumferential thickness to achieve the correct crown emergence and give the proper
, form and function to the tooth.

•Ideal gingival sculpting. The abutment emergence profile dictates the neck width and gingival zenith and height.

•Correcting angulation of misaligned implants, and most importantly changing the angle of disclusion in the final 

restoration. For every 10-degree change in the angle of disclusion there is a 35-degree change in force applied. Based 

on this fact we tilt it back to get ideal disclusion, even though the angle is determined by the bite of the patient. We 

can reduce the stress on the implant by rotating it into a more ideal occlusion. This is especially effective on anterior 

teeth, as we are able to control the angle of emergence.


The goal of any custom abutment is that the restorations are as ideally placed as possible: the cement gap is properly placed for ideal removal; the papilla and gingival can be properly contoured; and the best form, fit, function, and aesthetics can be achieved.


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