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Reliable is a provider of consistent and fully integrated manufacturing solutions for dental applications. The company uses the DWOSTM platform as its technology infrastructure to integrate different manufacturing processes, technologies and materials. DWOSTM is Dental Wings’ proprietary Digital Dentistry Platform, which represents the most comprehensive and widely accepted platform within digital dentistry. Reliable Dental Lab elevates dental CAD/CAM Systems to an unprecedented level of seamless integration and ease of use allowing for the scan, design and manufacture of a wide variety of indications and materials within the same system. 

Our team composed of experienced specialists in digital manufacturing is dedicated to deliver to the dental market turnkey solutions adapted to small, medium and large laboratories manufacturing needs.  Reliable Dental is a California based company that has enjoyed 25 years in business.

Benefits of Reliable Dental technology solutions include:

Open architecture Solutions

Our manufacturing solutions afford unrestricted options to end-users. This permits greater flexibility in the acquisition of capital equipment, their use and in the choice of materials, which can be machined optimized to minimize waste. One of the most important and often over looked benefits is that open architecture technology protects from obsolescence which helps manage technology costs.

Fully integrated Processes

Reliable Dental has selected and integrated the best of breed technologies and processes into a common technology platform. This eliminates the concerns commonly associated with technology incompatibility, while reducing the costs of implementation and operation, through the use of a common user interface. The end-user will learn only “one system”. Thus, the overall technology integration results in higher productivity and lower capital and operating costs.

Secure integration to a wide variety of Dental Materials

To further facilitate the process, Reliable Dental has established strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of Dental Materials. Using their materials expertise we have developed robust and reliable manufacturing processes for most dental prosthetic applications. We deliver to our customers fully proven milling strategies for a large variety of dental materials including:  Wax/ PMMA, Zirconia, Alumina, Cr-Co, Titanium, Nano Fixed Ceramic and Glass Ceramics.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Our SPOC support policy eliminates multi-channels of communication and interfaces saving the End-user time with both pre-sales, post- sales and on-going production support services.

Benefits of Reliable Dental technology solutions include:

EZ-Mill 400TM

Finally, a true Four-Axis high-speed mill built with robust and high precision components. The EZ-Mill 400 is a general-purpose laboratory CNC machine suitable for demanding workflows in continuous production environment. The mill has both dry and wet milling capabilities, which broaden the dental restoration materials that are supported. Also, its’ automatic six-tool holder provide the flexibility for delivering optimized milling strategies for large selection of material choice. Thus resulting in higher quality of milled restorations, faster turn-around times and reduced waste of material.  EZ-Mill 400’s unique integration within the Dental Wings DWOSTM solution takes the guesswork out of milling. The Dental Wings End-user can transition from the impression or models scan, to CAD Design, to generation of milling jobs, to initiation of the mill’s production. Each phase optimized through seamless software integration. EZ-Mill 400, an open architecture, fully integrated powerful workhorse that can accommodate all your needs.

Z-Mill 500TM

EZ-Mill 500 is a simultaneous Five-Axis CNC machine designed and built to address the needs of high volume labs. and production centers. The mill is fully integrated into the Dental Wings DWOSt tm platform and has access to the most sophisticated milling strategies developed in WorkNC tm kernel.

Five-Axis Machining Center for production of Dental Restorations:

EZ-Mill 500 is a high-productivity, high-precision machining center suitable for production of complex and challenging dental restorations. Its ability to both dry and wet mill broadens both the materials that are supported: Zirconia, Alumina, wax /PMMA, Cr-CO, Ti and glass ceramics and the indications it can address: Substructures,- anatomies, implant custom abutments and implant bars.

Exclusive milling process of Dental Models:

The recent development of intra-oral and impression scanners will require the development of reliable digital manufacturing process for manufacturing Dental Models. In partnership, with Dental-Wings and Sescoi, 360 SDM brings to the market the first genuine manufacturing process for producing Dental Models in an automated fashion in a cost effective manner.

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